On The Way To Cambridge Comics Art Festival 2015

Nothing beats a day in a library, especially when it's all about comics. Publishing, things to do with presentations, how to do things with your local library, being a parent into comics, and more!

0:00 - Intro
0:30 - Clover Lee - clover-lee.com
4:00 - Alex Kozma - warriorguardsthemountain.com
8:30 - Stuart
12:30 - Glen Stone - glenstoneillustration.co.uk
14:30 - Sean Obria
18:30 - Emma Vieceli - emmavieceli.com
25:15 - Laura Watton-Davies - patreon.com/PinkAppleJam
26:30 - Jenna and Anne of Cambridge Library- facebook.com/Central-Library-Cambridge-106156113195/
34:15 - Outro

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