Everyone knows that 80’s action movies are the best action movies ever! Adventure, explosions, cars, power-ballads, excitement, justice, ninjas, bad science, guns, flags, and outrageous fun: all finished within an hour and a half. Well, now you can make one with just a couple of friends and six-sided dice! 

(Dice, friend, pens, paper, beer and pretzels not included.)

(Dice, friend, pens, paper, beer and pretzels not included.)

For the 100% free Test-Audience version of the game Click Here. And it would be most appreciated if you could complete the Audience Response Card, after you have enjoyed your movie. Please note: responses will be used to improve the game, and your stars names may well turn up in the Full Theatrical Release!


Q: Does 90 Minutes of Mayhem have a formal damage system?
A: Because films can be highly elastic as to how much harm things do to people it works better to handle damage through description and narrative, with no real modifiers except if you want them. Stars can die, but normally only near the end of the movie and even then only in really dramatic manners. Plus death doesn't have to mean that the Star is out of the movie.

Q: What's the difference between The Beat Sheet, The Pitch, and The Script?
A: The Beat Sheet is the pacing framework of the movie, the broad narrative theme that the Director wants to happen in the scenes of the movie so that something recognisable as a full story is told. It is not The Script, it is a means to describe what each bit of The Script does. The Pitch is the thematic and setting starting point of the movie, the first couple of scenes that the Director comes up with to give The Stars an idea of what the story could be. The Script is where the Stars and The Director then collaboratively take that story. A good Director will have a solid Beat Sheet so the movie is completed in time, a moderately set idea of The Pitch so they can start the ball rolling, and a fluid attitude towards The Script so that everyone gets to have fun.

Q: Can I make copies of 90 Minutes of Mayhem or put it on my site?
A: Yes, please do. Share it around in any way you want. Just don't charge for it, claim it as your work, or change the content on the sheet.

Q: How long does it take to make a movie?
A: Pre-Production (actors making Stars, The Director putting together a pitch) should be about 10 to 15 minutes at the most. The movie itself should take 90 Minutes. Anything less is a TV Movie, anything else is sending the audience to sleep.

Q: Can I play makes action films from other decades?
A: Yes, although everyone knows the best ones were made in the 80's. For 70's throw in disco music and questionable racial nomenclature, for the 90's put everyone in trenchcoats and mention mainframes a lot, for the 00's make it all about terrorism, and for the 10's put everyone in a superhero costume. Action movies before then were basically dramas, or had horses in them.

Q: I want to do a grittier, more art house movie. Maybe something a bit Film Noir. How do I do that?
A: Just reduce your budget, have everyone swear more often, and lower the amount of dice the Stars (and the bad guys, maybe) have in their pool.