Everyone knows that 80’s action movies are the best action movies ever! Adventure, explosions, cars, power-ballads, excitement, justice, ninjas, bad science, guns, flags, and outrageous fun: all finished within an hour and a half. Well, now you can make one with just a couple of friends and six-sided dice*! 

90 Minutes Of Mayhem uses an intuitive, rules-lite game engine to ensure that your roleplaying group can collaboratively tell an entire movie within an hour and a half, whilst still having the full experience of the greatest decade for action and adventure!

#A simple Five Step Character Creation System!
#One simple game mechanic to resolve everything!
#A full guide to directing your 80s action movie!

*Please note: friends and six-sided dice are not included with your purchase

The new 32 page Full Theatrical release version of the one sheet game is now available now from the Etsy Store for £5.50 (plus P&P). It is also available from Niche Comics in Huntington, The Cambridge Army & Navy Stores in Cambridge, and Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham

And if you liked the game then please fill out the Audience Response Card, and your Stars and Movies may well turn up in the inevitable Directors Cut!!

FAQ About ThE Theatrical Release

Q: What are the differences between this and the Test-Audience edition?
A: Each section has been expanded, we put in some more bits based on feedback/problems people were having with the first one, added in a lot more gags, and got some more awesome art added by Laura Watton. It's also now a 32 page A5 book, rather than a one sided sheet of paper with tiny, tiny text.

Q: Other than the book, what do I need to run 90 Minutes of Mayhem?
A: You're going to need friends to play it with, along with 5 dice, a pen, and a bit of paper per person. Probably a time keeping device of some description as well.

Q: Does 90 Minutes of Mayhem finally have a formal damage system?
A: Yes, we finally put one in. It's all explained in the book.

Q: What's the difference between The Beat Sheet, The Pitch, and The Script?
A: This is now really carefully explained in the book.

Q: Can I play makes action films from other decades?
A: Yes, even though everyone still knows the best ones were made in the 80's we have added in a lot more alternatives in the book. There are also different beatsheets to play with and a whole page of alternative genres.

Q: How long does it take to make a movie?
A: Pre-Production (actors making Stars, The Director putting together a pitch) should be about 10 to 15 minutes at the most. The movie itself should take 90 Minutes. Anything less is a TV Movie, anything else is sending the audience to sleep.