Andrew spends his time going to work, living with his wife and two cats, and coming up with new things to keep him occupied and (hopefully) at liberty. He decided to have a place on the internet for his various activities, because these things are important, dammit. Some of it is even enjoyable for other people.

Andrew did not take the nickname from Doctor Who, although he's been watching Doctor Who since Peter Davison was rocking it and he thinks the Sylvester McCoy run was especially good. He also didn't take it from Beyond the Thunderdome, but you get definite points for knowing that one.

If you want to stalk Andrew elsewhere then he can be found on:

  • Twitter - Mostly talking about music
  • Tumblr - Mostly throwing up daft pictures that amuse him
  • Facebook - Mostly talking about anything on his mind
  • Email - Mostly answering whatever post you may send his way.