Andrew is available for news commentary, product reviews and opinion/history pieces on:

  • Drones (regular contributor to Drone Magazine UK)
  • Consumer technology (PCs, media systems, mobile communications)
  • TV, film, and animation (science fiction, comedy, horror/thrillers)
  • Music (alternative, industrial, rock/metal, rock & roll)
  • Anything else you think he might be excited about working on.

If you have a project you want to contact me about, please send an email to

Commissioned Factual Works

Drone Magazine: Issues 1 onwards, average of ten pages per issue. Samples available on request.

  • News: From issue 2 onwards, 6 pages of content covering developments in the Drone/UAV market. Includes email and phone contact with company representatives, event organisers, technology developers, representative bodies, and government agencies
  • Reviews: Hands on reviews and assessment of low to medium level drones
  • Interviews: Extended phone or email interview with notable members of the drone industry
  • Highlights
  • Issue 11: "DJI Go update", interview with industry leading company on product changes
  • Issue 10: "FAA 107" two page coverage and interviews on changes to USA drone law and 4 page review of the Ghost 2.0
  • Issue 9:"Talent Show", interview about drones on Britain's Got Talent and "Above the Law" interview with Kornel Flint about drone incident that made national press
  • Issue 8: "DIY Drones" 4 page interview with North Wales RC on home drone making and "The Crash That Never Was" on the Heathrow drone incident
  • Issue 7: "3DR The Inside Story" 2 page interview with Roger Sollenberger on market repositioning of major drone producer
  • Issue 6: "Pocket Rocket" 2 page interview with Sal Irigoyen, follow up to CES and coverage of product development,
  • Issue 5: "Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0" 4 page review.
  • Issue 4: "Parrot Bebop 2" front cover article and 4 page review. "CES Report" six page coverage of industry event in USA
  • Issue 1: "Drone Regulation" first of ongoing series of articles and commentary sections on drone regulations, in both USA/UK/Europe and globally
  • Reviews: Issue 1– Revell Proto Quad, Issue 2 – Trndlabs Nano Pro, Issue 3 – Trndlabs Hexa and Mini Drone, Issue 4 – Parrot Bebop 2, Issue 5 – Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0, Issue 6 –  Realflight Drone Sim (software) and Revell X-Spy 2.0, Issue 7 – Revell Steady Quad Cam

Submitted and Published Satire/Comedy

Commissioned Fiction

  • M*A*Z*H, The Mammoth Book Of Zombie Comics

Published Critiques

Self Published Factual Works