Part art project, part craft based exploration of social dynamics, part wind-up: the Needlessly Aggressive badge range is a collection of bits of metal and plastic that have a variety of messages that their creator finds amusing and either thinks someone might buy or get wound-up at the thought of them existing (especially the Doctor Who ones). Mostly riffing on the themes of popular culture and the geek scene, all of the badges are hand-produced in limited edition runs. New designs are regularly produced, especially after someone or some fandom has annoyed us, and custom commissions will be considered.

Buy Needlessly Aggressive Badges!

The badges are available either by contacting the maker directly (see below), going to the online store and seeing if a design you want is up for grabs, or being at one of the events which we are stinking up with our terrible attitude. A selection of badges are also available from Niche Comics in Huntingdon, because they're awesome!
Bespoke and bulk orders are available by agreement.

If you want to find out what nonsense we're up to, we have a vaguely accurate and up to date calendar at things on Facebook. We infrequently post what we define as funny pictures up on Instagram.

The Hall Of Shills!

Shill: noun "an accomplice of a confidence trickster or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others"
All shills are bribed one (1) badge of their choice, and in return we leech off their fame in the name of profit for perpetuity. If you want to shill for Needlessly Aggressive Badges then convinces us why you're brand is bigger than ours (really, its not that hard) so we can reap all the benefits of the exchange.


Contact Us!

If you want to contact Needlessly Aggressive Badges, either to order badges that we haven't got around to adding to The Etsy Shop, you have a custom order you want to discuss, or you have an idea for a badge you want to give us for free for us to then make and keep the cash from, then please do so via this form...

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